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THC Vape Pens

A THC vape pen or weed pen is a two-part electronic gadget used to distillate or vaporize THC oil. They’re usually shaped like writing pens – therefore the name.

There’s a battery that heats the oil in an atomizer cartridge with a heating coil and a wick. This heating procedure change concentrates on THC-filled steam. 

Viola! With just a push of a button and a pull on the mouthpiece, the high times are on demand. The smell is weak and disperses fast. 

Read on to find out more about these amazing vape pens. 

Components of a THC Vape Pen

  • Tank

The cannabis oil holder is mostly referred to as a tank if it can be refilled or a cartridge if it’s meant for single-use. It’s usually combined with the atomizer as one unit. Tanks are manufactured using polycarbonate plastic, but stainless steel and glass tanks are available.

  • Atomizer

The small heater in a vape pen is known as an atomizer. Decorative versions are called clearomizers, cartomizers, or other recent jargon. However, at heart, they’re still atomizers – that small heating element that changes the liquid into tiny droplets of air. 

Vaping should be called atomizing, but that’s undoubtedly a lost cause. The product will probably be called an atomizer if you dab some oil on the heating element. Encircle the atomizer with polyfill material to make sure it’s imbued with oil from a separate tank, and it’s a cartomizer.

Let the oil drip from a separate tank with a silica wick onto the atomizer, and it’s a clearomizer. You can exchange the wick for steel mesh, cotton, or any other “premium” material.

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  • Software and Sensors

Several THC vape pens turn on automatically when the user inspires through it. Others turn on the heating element with a push button. Both methods need sensors to ascertain when the user is inspiring or button-pushing. Embedded software regulates diverse pen parts.

  • Battery

A THC vape pen battery must provide sufficient electric current to power a small heater that gets to 400 degrees within a few seconds. Therefore, vape pens use high energy rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, just like mobile phones and other power-hungry gadgets. It’s unlikely for the battery to explode if not properly charged. 

The THC vape pen produces a puff of smoke rich in cannabinoid if these components work together – and some cannabis oil is filled in it. Let’s now look at how a weed pen is filled.

How to Fill a THC Vape Pen

The only thing you need to fill your weed pen is a syringe that contains cannabis oil and an empty THC oil cartridge. Fill it slowly and let every layer settle before putting in more oil. You don’t have to risk losing even a pint of it. Here are some useful tips to consider:

  • Inject the oil at a slow pace while moving in a circle with the syringe.
  • Don’t inject oil down the middle chimney of the cartridge.
  • Ensure the cartridge is filled sufficiently to cover the wicking holes found on the outer coil housing. 
  • Leave the cartridge for about half an hour after filling. The oil’s high viscosity takes a reasonable amount of time to soak into the wick.

How to Use a THC Vape Pen

It’s simple as you connect your cartridge to the battery and begin puffing. If your vape pen has an on/off switch, use it. Here are some tips to keep in mind when smoking a vape pen:

  • If your pen has an on/off switch, you’ll probably turn it on by pressing it 5 times. The same number will switch it off.
  • Ensure that the cartridge is fully connected to its battery to avoid any spills.
  • Make sure the pen is kept upright to avoid spills. 
  • Monitor the temperature to ensure the cartridge doesn’t burn too hot, which can change some of the chemical components of the oil. As a rule, the temperature is set with only 3 clicks. 

Benefits of THC Vape Pens

  • They are Portable

THC vape pens are portable as you can carry all the components in your bag or pocket without even realizing that they’re there. There are no pre-rolled joints that get crumpled and bent, no baggies that tear and pour, and no lids that come loose. It’s the only THC at the palm of your hand. 

  • THC Vape Pens are Discreet

Vape pens don’t attract much attention as a flaming joint as everything is contained inside and the vapor doesn’t have the smell of marijuana that tells it all. The whole thing appears like an e-cigarette. Therefore, you can advise those looking at you with a disapproving eye that you’re only trying to stop smoking.

  • Vape Pens are Potent

THC vape pens are stronger than smoking as the vaporizer, at lower temperatures, converts the cannabinoids from liquid to gas. With a vape pen, you require fewer hits to get high since there’s more THC in steam than in smoke. 

  • THC Vape Pens are Healthy

A vape pen is purer and healthier. This is one of its principal benefits. Vaporizers heat cannabis to an extent where the cannabinoids evaporate, without burning the plant matter. As a result, vapor doesn’t have tar, carbon monoxide, or other injurious toxins present in smoke. 

  • THC vape pens don’t produce smoke or smelly ashtrays

Vaporising doesn’t have thick, clinging smoke, just like burning does. The reason is that there’s no tar or other chemicals in it that can lead it to remain and cling on clothes or any other stuff. 

The vapor dissipates within a couple of seconds after being exhaled. Only people who are close will smell it. 

Bottom Line

Vaping is an expedient and discreet way of consuming THC, which is attractive to customers and patients. Most vape pens fit in small spaces such as handbags and pockets. 

The vapor emitted by THC vape pens is usually odorless. Since most people also use vape tobacco products, consuming THC using a vape pen cannot be easily detected. THC vape pens are increasingly growing in popularity. 

You can visit your local dispensary for more information on THC vape pens. You’ll be better prepared to decide if you have all the information required. 

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